Wealth Preservation

Your goal – preserving your assets

Preserving the assets in your portfolio can be just as important as building them up in the first place.

There could be any number of reasons why you want to look for ways to preserve your assets; for example:

  • ensuring that, when you die, your wealth is preserved for your chosen beneficiaries
  • maintaining the privacy of your wealth
  • separating your personal assets from your business.

One way to achieve preservation of your assets is through the use of a trust.

What are the potential benefits of using a trust?

Some think that trusts are just designed for the rich but they are just as useful for anyone needing to protect their business or looking for confidentiality of estate planning. They can be used for:

  • passing on your wealth
  • avoiding probate
  • asset preservation
  • forced heirship
  • complex family
  • trust confidentiality
  • professional trustee

There are different types of trust arrangement available. You should take professional and independent tax and legal advice before considering setting up a trust.

About Old Mutual International trust

Old Mutual International Trust Company has been offering its services only through reputable financial advisers since 1999. It is based in the Isle of Man with Old Mutual International and is part of Old Mutual International, which is part of the wealth management business of Old Mutual plc.

The Old Mutual International Trust Company provides trust administration services only, leaving you free to continue your relationship with your existing financial and investment advisers – it does not replace or duplicate those relationships.

The Old Mutual International Trust Company concentrates on implementing the provisions of the trust and its duties will include reviewing documents, maintaining trust records, undertaking yearly trust and asset reviews, as well as responding to enquiries from the various parties to the trust – the settlor, the beneficiaries and third parties.