Why use Wealth Interactive?

Stay informed and get involved with your investment

Wealth Interactive gives you access to all the information you need to know about your Old Mutual International Portfolio Bond, including:

  • Its current value.
  • Its historic value.
  • How your assets are performing.
  • A library of all the correspondence you’ve received from us.
  • A history of the transactions you or your adviser has made.
  • Access to factsheets for the assets you hold.

Plus, with Wealth Interactive you can:

  • update your personal details
  • set up and change ongoing regular withdrawals
  • buy or sell assets, unless you have appointed a fund adviser.

Work in partnership with your adviser

Your adviser can also carry out certain transactions on your behalf, with your permission.

Wealth Interactive provides seamless communication between you and your adviser. You both have a ‘dashboard’ from which you can view and control your investments. They are perfectly synchronised - information is pushed through from one to the other, so you are both instantly alerted to each other’s activity on your policy, helping you work in close partnership together.

Wealth Interactive gives your adviser easy access to all the data, tools and insight they need to manage your portfolio and help maximise your wealth. It also provides support and services to help them plan your portfolio of assets and keep it on course to achieve your long-term goals.

They can even request your online approval of transactions, such as buying and selling assets, speeding up the approval process and ensuring that transactions happen faster.

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Wealth Interactive at a glance

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