Our Portfolio Bonds

Old Mutual International's Portfolio Bonds are specifically designed to be tax-efficient and take maximum advantage of virtually tax-free growth on the assets held within the bond. Plus you can stay in touch with your investment through Wealth Interactive, our innovative online service.

  • Tax benefits:
    – no UK Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on changing of assets
    – no income tax unless encashments over a certain amount are made
    – asset range managed to avoid highly personalised tax charges.
  • Estate planning: by placing your bond into trust you can:
    – reduce your inheritance tax liability or provide money to your beneficiaries to pay the inheritance tax due on your estate
    – pass on as much of your wealth as possible to your chosen beneficiaries, such as your children and future generations.
  • Take it with you: the bond is portable so it helps make it financially easy if you want to move or retire abroad, although there may be restrictions in certain countries.
  • Growth: the bonds give your wealth plenty of opportunities to grow, thanks to the wide range of assets on offer, many of which are not available through an onshore bond.

How the bond works

Your bond’s value is linked to a selection of assets that you choose, but which are owned by either Old Mutual International or Old Mutual International Ireland.

You can open a bond with a single investment of £25,000/€37,500* (or currency equivalent) or more. You can also add extra lump sums of £2,500/€3,750 (or currency equivalent) or more whenever you want.

With our Portfolio Bonds, you can:

  • choose how you want to invest your money, with your financial adviser’s help
  • take advantage of investment opportunities from many of the world’s leading asset providers
  • have access to your capital, including an option to take regular, tax-efficient withdrawals
  • change assets to link to your portfolio fund and keep in step with changes in your life
  • transfer most collective investment schemes or unit trusts which you hold already into your bond
  • reduce paperwork by keeping all the assets in a single bond
  • carry out most of these actions online via Wealth Interactive
  • appoint an independent fund adviser and benefit from their guidance and expertise
  • agree how you want to pay for the advice provided by your financial adviser or fund adviser.

Taking money out of your bond, especially in the early years, may dramatically reduce the potential for the assets to perform – so we believe you should stay invested for at least five years. This can also help to mitigate the effect of any initial and ongoing charges taken.


*some products carry a higher minimum investment.


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Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The value of the investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and the investor may not get back the amount invested. Where a transaction involves more than one currency the investor may be exposed to the risk of currency fluctuations.

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