Solutions for expatriate investors

As an adviser in the UK, you are likely to have clients who have moved to Britain from other countries or continents. For example, they may have moved from Australia, the USA or South Africa.

Old Mutual International has a track record of over 30 years operating in international jurisdictions around the world. We recognise that the needs and requirements of your clients often vary according to the culture, rules and regulations governing the country they have moved from, the country they currently live in and the country they may move to in the future. 

How to use expat solutions 

Three options: 

  1. To obtain information about the country your client currently resides in as an expat, please refer to the appropriate articles on Knowledge Direct.
  2. To obtain information about a country they intend to move to while holding an Old Mutual International Portfolio Bond, please refer to the Country Guide. The Country Guide helps explain the tax implications of holding an Old Mutual International bond when your expat client moves to a different country.
  3. To obtain information about the country your client is an expatriate of or returning to, click on the appropriate flag below  – so, for an Australian, click on the Australian flag. You can then access material that will directly support your expat client.
Non-resident Indians US UK

Non-resident Indians (NRI)


Australian South African  


South African


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