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Trust taxation at a glance

This article provides a high-level summary of who is liable to tax when an asset is held in a trust. Topic:Trust Taxation
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The Lifestyle Trust – a modern day trust solution

The Lifestyle Trust is the new discretionary trust being launched for use with an onshore* or offshore bond **. It offers a tax efficient way to leave wealth to future generations. It is designed to help achieve a required balance between access to capital, inheritance tax planning and control over the future distribution of assets, whilst providing a certain amount of flexibility in the future. Topic:Lifestyle Trust

Trusts in Spain

This article looks at how Spanish Gift and Inheritance Tax applies to the Spanish Collective Investment Bond held in an offshore trust. Topic:Trust Taxation
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Relevant Property Trusts - Principle Charge (10 year charge)

Post 21 March 2006 interest in possession and discretionary trusts (known collectively as relevant property trusts) are subject to a 10 year IHT charge known as the Principle Charge. This can be quite complex and offers a significant advice opportunity with your trust clients. Topic:Discretionary Trusts
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The mechanics of a flexible carve out trust – The Old Mutual international Lifestyle Trust

We often are asked to explain what a ‘carve-out trust is. This is a trust which separates out different interests (or rights), some of which are generally held absolutely for the settlor of the trust. Topic:Lifestyle Trust
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The mechanics of a flexible carve out trust

The interests or rights held for the settlor are not regarded as ‘settled property’ under the IHT definition [IHTA 1984 s43] and therefore are not subject to the relevant property regime, where exit charges and 10 year charges would apply. Topic:Discretionary Trusts
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Waiving income on a discounted gift trust – a ‘taxing’ decision?

Discounted gift trusts provide an ‘income’ for life in return for a ‘discount’ from a lifetime gift but what happens if the income is no longer needed? Topic:Discounted Gift Trust
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Discretionary trust taxation

This article explains the UK inheritance tax treatment of a discretionary trusts or a trust which is subject to the relevant property regime. Topic:Discretionary Trusts

Offshore bonds as UK trustee investment

This article explains how offshore bonds can be a suitable trust asset for a number of reasons. Topic:Investments

Absolute or discretionary trust and IHT

The following article provides information about inheritance tax planning for UK domiciled individuals where a gift has been made and the individual does not require access to capital or withdrawals. Topic:Trust Taxation

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