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Business assurance trusts FAQ

The pre-owned assets tax (POAT) was introduced to levy an income tax charge on IHT planning schemes which had circumnavigated the existing ‘gift with reservation’ provisions. Topic:Business Protection
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Key employee cover explained

Any business could suffer if a director or key employee died or became critically ill. As well as the day-to-day problems of covering the absence, losing a key person can have a serious effect on the company’s finances. Topic:Business Protection
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Calculating key employee cover

Working out the sum assured needed for each key employee is not an exact science. This article outlines the key considerations. Topic:Business Protection
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Partner/Shareholder Protection set-up

Principally there are two ways you might set up the plans for partnership or shareholder protection and this article looks at how to set up each. Topic:Business Protection
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Setting up the business agreement

There are several ways to establish partnership/shareholder business protection. This article outlines some of the key considerations and options. Topic:Business Protection
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Partnership and shareholder protection

Unlike the other forms of business protection, partnership or shareholder protection covers individuals rather than the company. In this article we look at the key considerations for this type of cover. Topic:Business Protection
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Taxation of business protection

This article outlines the tax treatment for key employee cover and partnership or shareholder cover. Topic:Business Protection
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Business protection – loan cover

A lender often makes it a condition of a loan that some of the directors and key employees have life insurance cover. In fact, the lender may not advance the money until the cover is in place. Topic:Business Protection

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