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Offshore companies holding UK Property

With the re-introduction of the finance bill 2017 , we look at the tax treatment of a non UK-domicile individual holding a UK property a through an offshore company.
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Death whilst abroad

So when a UK domicile individual dies abroad, how is the death registered, and how are HMRC informed?

Moving abroad with confidence

This article provides an overview of some areas that your clients should consider before moving from the UK.
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Deemed Domicile & Excluded Property Trusts

This article discusses the concept of deemed domicile and explains why due to recent government proposals, it may be advisable to consider an excluded property trust sooner rather than later.
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Understanding UK domicile

This article explains the concept of UK domicile and the number of different ways UK domicile can be acquired.
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Excluded property trust

This article explains the importance of using excluded property trust in the UK inheritance tax planning for non-UK domiciles living or planning to live in the UK.
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UK residential property and the international investor

Nobody knows the prospects for UK residential property in 2016 and beyond, but as the graph shows below, prices have been subject to considerable fluctuations in the last 10 years.
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Abolishing permanency of non-dom status

HM Treasury have issued proposals on how legislation should best be introduced in Finance Bill 2016 to restrict certain individuals from claiming non-dom status for tax purposes. Consultation is open 30 Sept -11 Nov 2015.
Planning for Non UK Domiciles - using your tax allowances

Planning for Non UK Domiciles – using your tax allowances

The following case study illustrates a typical Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning issue for UK domiciled clients along with potential solutions. A full fact find would need to be completed to assess suitability of the potential solutions by the adviser. The solutions are based on exemptions and allowances available under the rules in force at the date of this article for the tax year 2015/16.
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Remittance to the UK - a taxing decision

This article summarises the key points for international advisers when deciding whether to use the remittance basis of taxation.

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