A flexible award-winning investment solution

Our award-winning  European Capital Account (ECA) is a flexible investment solution designed for people looking for investment growth over the medium to long term. You’ll need the help of a Financial Adviser to invest in an ECA. If you don’t have one already, we can help you find one.

Freedom to adapt

Once you’ve invested your initial lump sum of £10,000 (€15,000), you can make regular or one-off payments as you wish. You are free to stop, start or vary your regular premiums* at any time, without charge. In addition, you can make one-off or regular withdrawals at any time (charges may apply). Please see the product brochure  for information about charges.

The ECA allows you to consolidate your investments in one place and to switch easily between funds, free of charge. It offers a choice of over 150 funds from leading fund managers, covering a wide range of asset classes, sectors and currencies.

* Regular premiums can be paid following an initial premium of £10,000 (€15,000). Please see the product brochure for more information.

IA International Life Awards 2016 - Winner - Europe - Best regular premium investment productAn award-winning attractive product

The ECA won Best Regular Premium Investment Product at the International Adviser - International Life Awards 2016. To help you benefit from this fantastic opportunity, please speak to a financial adviser.

Could you benefit from the European Capital Account?

The ECA can help you to plan for savings, education fees or retirement funding.  There is no obligation to save specific amounts at set times, which could be ideal if you:

  • have a high disposable income
  • receive large but irregular payments 
  • expect to have surplus income for a limited time
  • have a relatively modest amount to save, for example £10,000 (€15,000)
  • wish to invest in a tax-efficient environment in funds which may return more than deposits. 

You can find out more in our ECA brochure.


Find a financial adviser

Professional advice from a financial adviser can help you make the most of your investment planning. Contact us so we can help you find a suitable adviser in your area.


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