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A powerful combination

You can now offer your clients a complete wealth management solution: Old Mutual International Ireland’s European Executive Investment Bond - PRIIPs (European Executive Investment Bond) and the discretionary asset management investment expertise of our award-winning sister company, Quilter Cheviot.

The European Executive Investment Bond with Quilter Cheviot could be suitable for customers who:

  • are an expatriate or a local individual, company or trust based in a European country*
  • are at least 18 years of age
  • have at least €375,000 of investable assets held in cash or in transferrable assets to invest
  • want to invest tax-efficiently over the medium- to long-term
  • expect to have access to a wide range of investment solutions, such as stocks, shares, bonds and collective investments that enable Quilter Cheviot to build a bespoke portfolio
  • are happy to accept more risk than saving into a bank account
  • are primarily looking for a tax-efficient and flexible solution from a strong, reputable company, to pass on their wealth to future generations by using an appropriate trust or nomination.

*Subject to our approval and the product being available in that European country

What happens if my client moves or returns to the UK and becomes UK resident?
Ensure you advise them of any tax charges that they may be liable for on becoming a UK resident. For more information read our client Q&A.


The European Executive Investment Bond with Quilter Cheviot might not be suitable for customers who:

  • have no other savings or investments
  • are not happy to accept the risk of potential investment losses, and are looking for guaranteed investment growth
  • require instant access to their money
  • wish to invest their money in cash
  • wish to have full control over their investments.

Providing benefits for both you and your clients

Making the right investment decisions for your clients and then monitoring and reshaping portfolios can take time, knowledge and skill. By requesting Old Mutual International to appoint Quilter Cheviot as a discretionary asset manager, you can:

  • be reassured that the assets linked to the bond are being managed by experts using tested and proven investment processes
  • reduce the time spent on selecting and monitoring assets
  • be better positioned to meet your clients’ expectations and demands
  • reduce your business risk by Quilter Cheviot managing the investment process.

Supporting your sales of this attractive investment solution

To help you and your clients benefit from this fantastic opportunity, we’ve prepared a suite of supporting documents, including:

For all other application forms and other documents, please refer to the literature library. Contact your Sales Consultant or e-mail to discuss how this could be the right product for your clients.

If you are looking for previous versions of the product literature, please contact us using the details on the contact us page.

The information provided on this page is not intended to offer advice. It is based on Old Mutual International's interpretation of the relevant law and is correct at the time of publication. While we believe this interpretation to be correct, we cannot guarantee it. Old Mutual International cannot accept any responsibility for any action taken or refrained from being taken as a result of the information contained on this page.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The value of the investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and the investor may not get back the amount invested. Where a transaction involves more than one currency, the investor may be exposed to the risk of currency fluctuations.

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