Discretionary fund management

Discretionary fund management is a tailored investment service that enables you to utilise the knowledge and skills of professional investors by leaving the day-to-day management of your clients’ investments to their expert hands and releasing your time to be spent on more holistic financial planning and tax planning.

Discretionary asset Management will:

  • assess  your client investment needs and goals,
  • establish the level of investment risk your clients are willing to bear,
  • build a diversified portfolio that helps you meet your clients’ needs,
  • be responsible for the on-going monitoring of the investment , and
  • be responsible for the day-to-day management and performance of the investment.

The portfolios that the discretionary asset manager creates can be comprised of a range of assets and include existing holdings your client may already have.

There are many discretionary asset managers in the market to choose from, such as our sister company Quilter Cheviot. It is important that you ensure that your client selects one that they feel comfortable with and trust; after all they are handing over the management of their money to them.

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