Launches, closures, suspensions and name changes

Old Mutual International provides access to over 300 different investment funds. This page will allow you to see the new additions and amendments to our Old Mutual International fund range.

Latest fund news

The document below lists all of the latest fund news and events, including fund launches, closures, suspensions and name changes.

Recent fund suspensions

Some Old Mutual International funds may be suspended from time to time. If a fund is suspended, certain restrictions will apply until the suspension is lifted:

  • During the suspension period, you will not be able to withdraw your investment in the affected fund(s) or switch into or out of the fund(s).
  • If you are currently making regular contributions into a fund that is suspended, your contributions will be redirected to the OMI IM Deposit Fund for the duration of the suspension period.
  • You will not be able to pay any single contributions into the suspended fund(s) until the suspension is lifted.
  • Depending on the type of policy you hold with us, the annual review statements, annual benefit statements, online valuations or projected personal illustrations produced during the suspension period will either NOT include the value of the suspended funds, or include them at an INDICATIVE PRICE.

The document below provides the latest indicative prices for currently suspended Old Mutual International funds.

Latest indicative prices

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