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October 21, 2014

Welcome to Old Mutual International in South Africa

Old Mutual International is a leading offshore retail financial services group and offers an individual service to its clients around the globe with offshore life assurance and investment products.

It is part of the Old Mutual Group which has grown into one of the world's leading financial services groups, managing £288 billion (as of 30.04.13) on behalf of its global client-base.

Old Mutual International provides its range of investment and insurance products through Old Mutual Isle of Man – click here for more information.

The Investment Portfolio+ and its benefits



Old Mutual International introduces the Investment Portfolio+ from Old Mutual Isle of Man, which allows you to consolidate, hold and manage your offshore assets in a single, tax-efficient wrapper.
Specifically designed for the South African resident, the Investment Portfolio+ allows you to consolidate and manage your offshore investments within a single, convenient, tax efficient structure, and aims to provide the potential for growth of the assets over the long term.

The product is a single-premium capital redemption contract. It is structured so that it does not have lives assured; therefore, it will not come to an end on your death. Instead, the Investment Portfolio+ has a 99-year fixed term where a maturity will be paid and your investment will continue to the end of the term (the maturity date), unless you fully cash it in before the maturity date. The Investment Portfolio+ is issued as a number of contracts (minimum 100) which collectively forms the Plan.

The Investment Portfolio+ offers two levels of investment choice subject to minimum premium criteria:

  • The first level provides access to a range of internal life funds denominated in sterling, US dollars and euros. These funds have been specifically selected for the South African investor and include funds managed by Old Mutual Global Investors (the Core Fund range) as well as third party managers (the Self Select Fund range).
  • The second level offers a significantly increased range of assets including collective investments schemes and shares listed on recognised stock exchanges (these are accessed through the “Authorised Custodian Facility”).

In both cases you can build your own portfolio to suit your financial goals and attitude to risk. We are currently waiving switching charges and dealing fees although there may be transactional fees if you utilise the Authorised Custodian Facility The Investment Portfolio+ offers the convenience of removing the complexities and concerns of tax administration as this is performed by Old Mutual Isle of Man, which is a Branch of Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (South Africa) Limited (“OMLA CSA ”) within the policy, with the exception of personal tax administration. Under current legislation the proceeds will not be taxed in your hands at maturity.

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